Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FXDD Introducing Broker (IB) Review

About FXDD

FXDD is one of the leading FX broker firms in US. They have everything to offer that any trader, investor, investing company or broker needs. It's a regulated broker with its head office located in Malta. Forex demo account, $100 of minimum deposit requirement, Meta Trader and its IB program; FXDD is the best choice for every investor.

FXDD Introducing Broker (IB)

FXDD's IB program is one of the best when compared to other IB programs available in the industry. Being an IB at FXDD, you can easily access your client's account, provide them special features, monitor their accounts live and much more.

Pros of becoming an FXDD Introducing Broker

Let's see some of the great features of their introducing broker program.

Free training programs for introducing brokers and their clients are held time to time that are really beneficial for both IBs, their clients and for FXDD as well.

Account setup process is very quick.

No geographical restrictions. Anyone can become their introducing broker.

The best part, all IBs have the option to offer a different spread to their clients that can be totally different from other non-IB customers. So as an IB, you can charge your clients with services charges from within the spread.

FXDD offers special rebate promotions to its introducing brokers.

All the brokers can view their clients activities live through Metatrader manager.

There are no transfer fees whatsoever.

Option of providing your clients with demo account.

FXDD doesn't hesitate to provide superior help and support to its IBs in expanding and strengthening their business.

FXDD offers handsome compensation to introducing brokers upon referring clients. The referring process is very simple. Client has to enter the name of IB while creating account. IB will get compensation upon every successful client.

Option of creating a customized interface for your clients where you can offer them with limited currency pairs, different margin and can control their leverage.

FXDD supports multiple languages including Arabic, Turkish, German, Portuguese and many others. Being an IB, you have the option to deal with clients throughout the globe.

You don't have to handle any sort of complaints at all. FXDD is itself responsible for responding to all customer complaints.


Interestingly there isn't any potential drawback of becoming an IB at FXDD.


All in all, FXDD is doing great in empowering its introducing brokers. With absolutely no disadvantages, you cannot afford to miss this great program where you can easily manage and monitor your client's activities, and can actually suggest them in real time.

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